Game Draft 1

This is the link for the first draft of our game “Acts of Kindness” done by Youssef Boudah and Mariam Ibrahim. We are looking forward for your constructive feedback so we could improve the game upon your requests.


One thought on “Game Draft 1

  1. Hi Mariam and Youssef. Great start. The game has a wide range of scenarios and I love the starting points of money vs power. But the game is missing two things. No feedback or consequences occur after the player makes a choice, so s/he does not really learn anything by playing. The second thing is that the ethical choice is pretty obvious for many of the options…so I am unsure if people will be honest with themselves when they play. How can you improve that? Are players fulfilling one of three personas? Unkind, kind while abusing money or power, or kind without abusing money/power? Why/how would the second persona realize their mistake?


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