Game Topic

Game Idea:

Presenting different situations or different opportunities of offering help from an Egyptian privileged young adult towards another person who is less fortunate. My partner in developing the game is Youssef Boudah.


The ultimate purpose of this game is to encourage people to spread little acts of kindness that will definitely go along way and amlify a random zest for committing thoughtful acts of generosity and indulgence with the community.

Examples of Possible Scenarios:

Two scenarios, one as being an Egyptian young privileged male and another one as being a young Egyptian female. According to the chosen gender you will go through different situations where you have to make a decision whether to help a person in need or not and each chosen decision has its own consequences that supports the game purpose. Examples of these decisions are: donating to a charity organization, giving away clothes to a maid, giving tips for the a worker at a gas station or giving tips for a boy who helps in parking cars etc…

Information source:

Friends and personal experiences to support the reality of the situations of the game and get the most common on ground actions or decisions that people make.


3 thoughts on “Game Topic

  1. You are working with Youssef, right? I like the game idea. What is the difference between being male or female in this game? I also wonder if you want to make deeper points about what kind of “help” is truly helpful versus potentially harmful or enabling dependency in a bad way? Can players learn something not obvious to them about their own privilege versus what they think they know more explicitly?


    1. Thank you Doctor for your reply I absolutely agree and I think you make very valid points that Youssef and I will definitely take into consideration when we start working on the game to make it a constructive and a realistic experience for the players.


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